Episode 1: Diagnosis

Often Awesome The Series is a web series about Tim and Kaylan’s battle with ALS. It’s a story about love, friends, strength and courage. Join us every two weeks for a new chapter in this amazing adventure.

For more information about Tim and Kaylan’s fight visit : oftenawesome.org

If you are interested in funding research, please make tax deductible donations to the ALS TDI at: als.net

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  2. stacy lutz Says:

    I am so moved by the love and support you have for one another. Please continue and good luck.

  3. MikeCANN Says:

    [..YouTube..] Does medical cannabis work for ALS? Haven’t heard much about that like MS but you never know…

  4. MikeCANN Says:

    Does medical cannabis work for ALS? Haven’t heard much about that like MS but you never know…

  5. Mary Taylor Says:

    I too have been diagnosed with ALS and my mother died from it in 1988. I have AFO’s on both feet. I am retired from teaching but continue to substitute and teach adults in hopes that the will get their GED. Good luck to you. Lets hope and pray for a cure.

  6. Chuck Hummer Says:

    I also have ALS but not the familial variety and I am an old fart with a life well lived and really nor reason to hang around for long. I have been following this series on Facebook but tonight is the first time I sat down and watched all the videos. You are doing us all such a great service, and I am so grateful for your willingness to share your life with this disease from the very start. I wish you well, both Tim and Kaylan, because not one of has the disease alone. It is a family or partnership disease. Your support system speaks volumes of your worth, a worth that far exceeds your age.

  7. 122172639 Says:

    not usually as the best benefits are usually via smoking for most illnesses-this is more likened to cerebral palsy&needs intense hands on work all day. Narcs have IM&IV&12-24hr forms. Swallowing gets difficult and patches are only now in development for canabis. It’s only legal in a handful of states as is.

  8. 122172639 Says:

    Thanks Blake&co for doing this. Are you guys partners? It could help once this gets the views it really should. I don’t know all the details of partnering but you guys should definitely consider it. DoC could profit from the full film on here should you ever become a partner. My prayers are with Tim and his awesome team. The Project for Awesome-ALL about awareness&raising $-NEEDS to have this story. Ask Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers for more info.

  9. tanjareen Says:

    I just met Andy Coon at the LA Web Fest. Wow, I had no idea! What an interesting story.

  10. AllAcesMedia Says:

    Thanks, Tanjareen. It was great meeting you at the LA Web Fest. Looking forward to watching your series.

  11. Christina C Says:

    I just came across this story from the blog “pacing the panic room” I really want to know more and would love to watch the series from the beginning but I am unable to get any of the first videos to load. Help, please 😉

  12. Toxin08 Says:

    RIP. What a brave man to go through all of that. I hope we can do something about this disease soon.

  13. DarkFoxGirl13 Says:

    Thank you for sharing this series! I’m so happy to see people trying to raise awareness for ALS and this man is inspiring, not only to people as a majority, but to other young (and old) people like me who do have this disease. I’m sorry he is not here in body any more, but I hope his family take pride and comfort he is here in spirit and a great help to others, even though he’s gone. Bless the people making this series and the family willing to share their story! I hope we can find a cure soon!!

  14. ck productions Says:

    This is great stuff you guys are putting out. Keep up the good work.

  15. Heliftsme Says:

    The series “Often Awesome” is nominated for Best Documentary Series for a Webby. Please help us take home the People’s Voice Award for voting! Go to the youtube titled: “Often Awesome The Series: An ALS Love Story Official Trailer”, and click the link to the Webby awards. Ends 4/26/2012.

  16. Khadene Lalla Says:
  17. Mark Lilley Says:

    Hi I just found this series, and watched episode 1. My sister-in-law was just diagnosed with ALS, and it is so sad. My brother is devastated he is going to see his wife go through this, and I hope I can be there for him like I need to. I want to. I will! Thanks for sharing this personal journey and bringing awareness. God Bless.

  18. Daniel Scanlon Says:

    Hey Mark. Says its been 3 months ago since you posted and I can only imagine what you and your family are going through. My younger brother, too, was just recently diagnosed with ALS and thus, our family is beginning the journey. Peace be with you and your family…Hang in there.

  19. Mark Lilley Says:

    Hi Daniel, I saw my sister in law last Sunday with family and she was doing very well. Her attitude has been great, at least publicly. I’m sure she and her family have their moments of disbelief and sadness, but overall, she’s been pretty amazing. My heart goes out to your younger brother and your family. However maddening this is on everybody involved, this has a way of enhancing all the little victories along the way which are to be cherished.

  20. Chris Brock Says:

    What an amazing story and series.

  21. DarthSpencer97 Says:

    He died on my birthday );

  22. Blaine Sweet Says:

    One of the best journeys that I’ve seen.Curious ALS carrier looking for or
    need a reality slap.Just 6 months now…,should I grief for my own death.

  23. Martin Jensen Says:

    I don’t get it. He was very brave, but did he stay alive drugged out of his
    mind, to please the “Army” and the social network, or did he stay alive for
    his own sake?

  24. Karly Coleman Says:

    I watched this episode and then the last. Its horrible how fast he
    deteriorated :(

  25. Destiny Fletcher Says:
  26. Barbara Lindsley Says:

    I think this is what I have been suffering from & it responds to
    metrodiazole 400mg twice a day & zithromax 500mg a day as tolerated. Once
    you get alot of die off the symptoms get less & you get stronger. At first
    you get sicker & weaker, but later you get your strength back, just like
    people getting treated for lyme disease with co-infections! Buy the meds
    online, cause the docs refuse to treat! I was an ICU Nurse & I am sick
    to! I treated with zithromax once a month for two years when I wasn’t that
    sick, but knew something was not right. Then my body crashed last fall &
    treated more agreesively with other antibiotics to sometimes taking 3 at a
    time daily. Now I just take the two & hopefully will continue to respond.
    Worth a try people!

  27. Barbara Lindsley Says:

    A dentist hit something in my mouth when using anesthesia & it exploded
    inside my head! It kept leaking inside my head & they would not do
    anything about it; not one specialist including a top neurosurgeon. They
    left me suffer with this! Well the dentist put about 5 more injections in
    my mouth to numb me up. The holes never healed. It later started to drain
    & I found some weird infection. I ordered antibiotics online & started
    taking them & it loosened this stuff up & it is now draining like crazy out
    of my mouth. It is some kind of infection in our heads, that the docs most
    likely misdiagnosed us with & it became a systemic infection. It does not
    show up on any blood tests. Docs refuse to test your spit! My labs are
    all normal. I was an ICU Nurse & I know this is a coverup! I have never
    heard of anything so insane! Docs do this to people on purpose. I have
    seen tons of docs & even with what I found they don’t help me. ERs send me
    home every time! Beware!

  28. helen jellen Says:

    this couple have great theeth

  29. Angela Netherton Says:

    Im so glad he had you there with him.You were his angel now he is yours!

  30. Margaret Cabral Says:

    The only reason Tim had a army was he was very young when he got ALS so his
    friends mostly college friends had not moved on with their lives yet when
    he was DX had Tim been DX say 10 years later he would not have had a army
    and would have had just his wife who would have been doing all the personal
    care herself is what would have happened.

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