Episode 7: Birds Of A Feather

Often Awesome The Series is a web series about Tim and Kaylan’s battle with ALS. Its a story about love, friends, strength and courage. Join us every two weeks for a new chapter in this amazing adventure.

Episode 7 : “Birds of a Feather” Tim’s friends find a way to pay homage to Tim and his fight with ALS.

For more information about Tim and Kaylans fight visit : oftenawesome.org

If you are interested in funding research, please make tax deductible donations to the ALS TDI at: oftenawesomearmy.alscommunity.org

9 Responses to “Episode 7: Birds Of A Feather”

  1. GeoNoich Says:

    This is so great and well done, thank you for the awareness!

  2. skyebailey7 Says:

    [..YouTube..] watch it.

  3. moofus1 Says:

    Thanks guys! Join the Facebook fan page!

  4. thedotmatrixproject Says:


  5. mbspeech Says:

    Hi Skye! Brother Bailey here… :)

  6. mbjacobs Says:

    What great friends you’ve got. Seriously, I’m jealous bro.

  7. weimaraner6 Says:

    I Love TIM & KAYLAN!!!

  8. Heliftsme Says:

    The series is nominated for Best Documentary Series for a Webby. Please help us take home the People’s Voice Award for voting! Go to the youtube titled: “Often Awesome The Series: An ALS Love Story Official Trailer”, and click the link to the Webby awards. Ends 4/26/2012.

  9. Bonny Bonobo Says:

    My name is Helen Barratt and my mother died of MND or Lou Gehrig’s ALS in 2009. My latest forum article called ‘Australian Researchers Discover Potential Blue Green Algae Cause & Treatment of Motor Neuron Disease (MND)&(ALS)’ and its link to Parkinsons’s and Alzheimer’s diseases can be found at Science20 under the medicine forum.

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