Episode 8: A Final Wish

Often Awesome The Series is a web series about Tim and Kaylan’s battle with ALS. Its a story about love, friends, strength and courage. Join us every two weeks for a new chapter in this amazing adventure.

Episode 8 : “A Final Wish” The second Often Awesome benefit show at the Blind Tiger in Greensboro, NC featured the final reunion show for Kudzu Wish, a band in which Tim plays bass.

For more information about Tim and Kaylans fight visit : oftenawesome.org

If you are interested in funding research, please make tax deductible donations to the ALS TDI at: oftenawesomearmy.alscommunity.org

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    [..YouTube..] is there going to be another fundraiser August 14th 2010?

  2. AllAcesMedia Says:

    [..YouTube..] @LHSFUNTIMES – Next Benefit Show fundraiser is coming up on May 18th, 2010 at Greene Street Club in Greensboro, NC. The lineup for the show is still being worked out.

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