Dying teaches you how to live …

Posted on: May 3, 2010
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I learned a lot from my experiences with ALS, as well as my experiences writing this blog. Almost everyone has a story of loss or longing and almost everyone desires a way to find meaning in our lives that whirl past us so quickly. Almost all of us count our loved ones as our most cherished commodity and yet, so many of us don’t have or make time to spend with them. We want to stop and smell the roses, we want to fully embody gratitude in our hearts and minds, we want to be the best ‘us’ we can be, and yet the road is beset with detours and roadblocks.

Truly inspiring blog by Carla Zilbersmith. Everyone should take the opportunity to read her blog here. You owe it to yourself.

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  1. Chris Boucher Says:

    My 35 year old son (he would have been 36 yesterday) died 8-22-09 Of ALS Please give whatever support you can to his family and the fight for ALS. He played the Guitar in a couple of bands. That was his life dream. He left behind Me, His father, older brother, a niece n nephew and two beautiful children ages 6 and 8. He was my baby n I miss him so much!I know he’s up there sending his love n support To all. Rock on Marc!!!!

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