Episode 21 : Because We Care

Episode 21 : “Because We Care” — Members of the Often Awesome Army who take care of Tim talk about why it is important to them to help in any way possible. This is a small sample of the people who caregive for Tim and his quality of life.

Often Awesome The Series is a web series about Tim and Kaylan’s battle with ALS. Its a story about love, friends, strength and courage. Join us every two weeks for a new chapter in this amazing adventure.

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10 Responses to “Episode 21 : Because We Care”

  1. skyebailey7 Says:

    [..YouTube..] The three B’s?!

  2. samhale01 Says:

    HaHaHa! The 3 Bs!

  3. Livy54 Says:

    Way to go! Again, thanks for sharing. I can relate to Jay, as I, too, when caring for my brother learned to do things that if contemplated would have been impossible. Amazing how life teaches us.
    You all are amazing.

  4. djwertheimer Says:

    thank you for another moving video. the OA army rocks my socks.

  5. kazzos Says:

    Just starting this journey with a good friend who’s also supported by an amazing cast of characters. Scared, confused, all that. Thanks, you guys, for all the inspiration and laughs and tears and reminders that we’re all in this together.

  6. kent rockwell Says:

    i cannot believe the amazing quality of your friends, caregivers and wife. as a fellow pals, i’m at once utterly impressed and somewhat envious of the cast of beautiful characters in your life. hang in there tim; you bring an inspiring, profound and affecting humanity to this awful disease.

  7. shmemable Says:

    Anyone know what the song at the end is?

  8. Heliftsme Says:

    The series is nominated for Best Documentary Series for a Webby. Please help us take home the People’s Voice Award for voting! Go to the youtube titled: “Often Awesome The Series: An ALS Love Story Official Trailer”, and click the link to the Webby awards. Ends 4/26/2012.

  9. samcp12 Says:

    [..YouTube..] haha the b’s :)

  10. samcp12 Says:

    haha the b’s :)

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