October 11, 1979 – August 23, 2011

Posted on: August 26, 2011
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On Tuesday morning, surrounded by family, friends and caregivers, Tim peacefully passed.

We lost a friend, a husband, a brother, a son, a colleague, a creative genius, a warrior for love and a genuine human being. As much as it saddens us that Tim’s body is no longer on this earth we are content that he chose when to go…not the disease. He is at peace. Pain free. We love you Tim.

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  1. Brian Dillon Says:

    Dear Kaylan Szafranski LaFollette,
    My condolences to you and your extended families.
    Filming your love for each other while enduring the daily battles of ALS is truly inspiring for many PALS & CALS.
    Please know that we, your online (FB) ALS family, are here to support you anyway we can.
    (PALS) Brian Dillon

    I too have ALS. A cruel and punishing disease.
    Many before me have documented their battles..and lost.
    No one has been able to change the course of ALS destruction.
    I see what lies ahead for me, from others who have gone before me.
    I see my death, it’s on my horizon, there is nothing to change it’s course, it’s just a matter of time. – Brian Dillon

    For anyone who wonders why I repeatedly email and post stuff about ALS… “Raising Awareness of ALS”
    When you can see your own death through the death of others with the same illness it does make it difficult to smile.
    But I got lemons so I’m making lemonade. :-)


    My sincerest condolonces to all who feel an empty whole in their heart, where Tim used to live. He did not die in vain, his memory and legacy live on in all the hearts he has touched. R.I.P. Tim LaFollette.

    You’ll be missed. My heart aches for your survivers.

  2. nancy holloway Says:

    Tim was a truly awesome person and an inspiration to all. He and Kaylan lived at our apartment community for some months and all of us here so enjoyed meeting Tim and getting to know him and Kaylan. He will be greatly missed by all. Kaylan–you and Tim’s family are in our thoughts.
    Nancy/Karrie Hamptons

  3. Caroline Orlando Says:

    My heartfelt condolences to you. You and Tim have been so inspirational. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  4. kel mcnichol Says:

    Thank you for personalizing this disease and creating a legacy about the man and those that love him. I hope he is now walking in Heaven.

  5. Cathy Wrobel Says:

    Kaylan, and the Often Awesome Army,

    Please accept my deepest condolences. I have been following the series since my own diagnosis of ALS, and I can’t tell you how inspiring Tim’s message has been for me. I hope the Army will continue to spread the word about this horrific disease. My family and friends will be in the ALS Walk 4 Life in Chicago next week, and I will be sure to tell them, again, about your incredible mission.

  6. Danielle B Says:

    August 23, 2011 would have been my dad’s 61st birthday. He lost his 6 year struggle with ALS on Jan 13, 2008. I just discovered your incredible organization through a very good friend whose mom lost her 19 month journey with ALS Aug 3. Tim and Kaylan’s decision to show the world just what this monster does to a person was a wonderful idea. Congratulations to you both for being such advocates for awareness and change. I hope you find comfort in knowing that Tim is in a better place, no longer watching himself slowly turn to stone, he’s free now and totally rocking out on the bass! Continue to celebrate his life rather than mourn, based on the journey I’ve watched, that’s the way he would have wanted it! Thank you for sharing your experience.

  7. Michelle PA Says:

    I just watched the whole series (as recommended by Ryan @Pacing the Panic Room). I laughed and cried and rocked out and got inspired. I now feel like I know Tim & Kaylan (and Catie and Mike and Devender and all the other beautiful members of the Army). I will pass on the word, be part of the awareness… Be at peace Tim, and my most sincere warm wishes & thoughts for those you’ve left behind.

  8. dr.shoshanna fachima Says:

    may you find comfort in the Lord in this difficult time.i watched the series faithfully and prayed all the way through.both you kaylan and tim are heros in so many ways.tim was a true fighter and kept the whole team afloat with his humor,and amazing outlook.
    my heartfelt prayers to you and the whole often awesome army.hugs to you all.tim is now your guardian angel watching from on high and guiding you all along the way.G-d Bless his memory and you all.

  9. Elliza Says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Tim was extraordinarily talented, and the joy and verve he and his family and friends brought to ALS were beautiful and heartbreaking. Thank you to all involved in bringing Tim’s fight with ALS into such an artistic, humanizing, and real focus.

  10. Rikke WA Says:

    I knew this was coming, but I’m weeping nonetheless. I’m so sorry. I only knew Tim and Kaylan through the series, which I have been watching faithfully for a year now. Your humor, love for each other and honesty have been an inspiration for me through very hard times. Thank you so very much for loving the world enough to share. Kaylan, live your life in the memory of Tim’s love. He’ll always be there in your (and our) hearts.

  11. Ramona Says:

    Your series is always awesome…even months after Tim has left you on this earth.

    My brother has ALS.

    One thing I remember every day….”What I was once I am still.” this is what I tell myself about him and others with ALS.

    My brother will always be my brother; not a “victim” of ALS.

    Your series has showed me and inspired me to have hope and to remember, even on a “down” day like to day that my brother is “still” my brother.

    much love and healing hands to you and the wonderful team.


  12. John Taylor Cook Says:

    I got to know Tim through my business (video production and editing). Tim was my “Go to guy” anytime I needed help or had trouble with a project. He was very creative, and had more knowledge than most anyone here in Triad regarding his line of profession. I can only say that part of him and his creativity hopefully lives in some of the work I produce for my clients. Tim was a very nice guy, I felt like he did not have a mean bone in his body. Great guy and I miss you.

  13. Kelly M Says:


    First I want to say im so sorry for your loss of such an amazing person. I just stumbled upon your episodes while researching for a psyc class. These were very difficult for me to watch because my father has ALS and I have similar feelings that you’ve all had going through those times. My dads progression is slower than Tim’s was and they were diagnosed around the same time. Thanks for opening this world, it actually helps to know there are people experiencing tragedy but come out on top with a sense of peace.

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