So why are we doing this series?

Originally I didn’t even know how to approach Tim about doing a web series on his battle with ALS. I had talked to a mutual friend of ours and he seemed to think Tim might be into doing it. As filmmakers, Andy and I are always looking for interesting stories to tell and Tim’s story certainly qualifies as interesting, actually amazing. When we first talked to Tim, he made it very clear that he wanted to leave behind a legacy and saw this as a very good opportunity to do so. So Tim was willing and we had the capability but I started to wonder what I had gotten myself into. First of all, he’s a friend and it’s going to be tough watching the battle he has ahead of him much less be filming said battle. Second, I can’t even watch Extreme Home Makeover without crying and now Andy and I have to shoot and edit some very heavy content. Last, I was really stressed out about doing this story justice. I think Tim’s story is probably one of the most important things we’ll ever do and I just want to be able to get it right. Having completed the first episode, I feel like we did a pretty good job (hopefully our audience will as well).

We’d like to thank Tim and Kaylan for the opportunity to work on this project. It has truly been inspiring to see the strength and the courage that they both have as they face these uncertain times in their lives. To know Tim is to love him. It’s no coincidence that Tim has an army of friends willing to help him through all this. He’s obviously done something right in his life. As amazing as Tim is, I’ll have to say that I’m very much in awe of Kaylan. Her love for Tim, her willingness to face these difficult times with him and her unselfish devotion to him really blows me away. I’m not sure you can say Tim’s lucky but he certainly hit the jackpot when he met Kaylan.

It is our hope that people will watch this series and have a new appreciation for the important things in life. Love, good friends and compassion for one another. It is our honor and privilege to be working on this series and not only is it Tim’s legacy, it is now our legacy as well.

Thanks so much for joining us on this adventure!

Andy Coon
Blake Faucette

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  1. Jessica Pierce Says:

    The website that I listed is not my own but I will let you know the context in this email. I found your videos on youtube and it’s touching to hear your story. I know that you are both on a very difficult path with highs and lows about life and its offerings.

    My close friend Rebeccah Rush had a brother that had ALS. Ben Byer created the ALS Film Fund and Rebeccah was the Producer and continues to move towards the mission. Their father tirelessly tried to find ways to help him. They discovered many things. One of thigns that was discovered was a treatment that their father found and Ben believed that it prolonged his life. I encourage you to contact my friend Rebeccah about ALS and your journey. She is a close friend and would offer any information that you might find helpful. I wish you good luck with your journey.

    Best Regards,
    Jessica Pierce

  2. Peggy Leinen Says:

    My daughter sent this to me. I have a nephew who was diagnosed with ALS two years ago – Bulbar onset – starts in the facial muscles. Jeff Quinn is 42 years old, is married and has 3 daughters – one in high school and two in elementary school. Tim’s story reminds me of Jeff, in that it is amazing to see family and friends come together to do everything in their power to help and support the people affected by ALS, and the strength and attitude of Tim and of my nephew Jeff is amazing as well. Jeff and his wife have started a foundation called “Our Daddy’s Voice”. The funds collected will go to help provide medical equipment needed for patients with ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases and also scholarships for children of those affected. This is a horrible disease and I pray for Jeff and his family day and I will add Tim and Kaylan to my prayers. I wish the two of them the best.

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